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2010-06-23 18:42:57 by TJtheGolfaux

I'm drawing a tattoo for someone, 50$ and a cake for someone's birthday, 20$. When I have these pics done, I will post the pictures of them up here on my page, so you can check them out. The cake is supposed to be of an Ace of Spades where the spade in the middle and the aces are flaming (Thats cake... bad joke I know.) And the tattoo is of a prison someone got out of, where it says total redemption around it and the picture of the prison in the middle.

Don't act like I don't exist, someone post something! Even if its a period. I'd even find that funny :P


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2010-06-23 20:44:52

Can you draw a Mudkip defeating the evil forces of Ganon?

TJtheGolfaux responds:

If you direct me to the pictures of both of these things, yes, I can. If it is worth a scout I will draw it, if not, I want some kind of payment.


2011-06-15 22:40:31

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