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Regarding the posts on my page...

2010-06-19 21:51:36 by TJtheGolfaux

In general I am not looking for people to comment on page that are going to be harrassive or looking for a cheap laugh. You will be instantly banned. Feel free to comment on my status, ask how im doing, make opinions, critiques, philosophies, in general as long as it is respectful it will be ALLOWED. I will not tolerate disrespect, especially from the 11 year old children that think they are smarter than their elders merely because they smoked 3 ounces of marijuana in 2 days cause they stole it from their daddies and THINK they know more. AND if you did that, you seriously need to go to a mental ward and seek help! Too much marijuana will do damage, take it from someone who has been there and has been sober for a good long time, and has done the research on thc and the effects of marijuana.(Other drugs as well.)

After that, feel free to make requests on art you'd like to see on my page, I always have free time and I love to draw anything really... (Except man made structures... But I will if it's worth a scout.) Have a good night people and a good morning if I don't show up. I'm borrowing a book and doing more research on stuff :) (I'm an avid learner :p)


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